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When we forget how to be good to ourselves, we forget what it means to feel really good.


Gone are the days when southern living was synonymous with strolling through life at a slightly slower pace. These days, we are all pressed for time. We’re pressed to perform, pressed to succeed, pressing ourselves to do a whole lot more with a lot less time. When we’re feeling the pressure, it’s tempting to look for shortcuts. Often, in taking those shortcuts, we short ourselves by compromising our health, happiness and wellbeing. But not all shortcuts are bad.


At Southern Pressed Juicery, we give your body a break without breaking your stride. Our goal is to give you a slow down without actually slowing you down.


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Co-Founder, Southern Pressed Juicery & Wildcrafted

Olivia Esquivel is co-owner of ‪Southern Pressed Juicery. Olivia sparked life into her vision of a cold-pressed juice bar when she teamed up with Table 301.


A mother and entrepreneur, Olivia is passionate about representing a holistic lifestyle that can change lives for the better and it started with food. 


Olivia and her husband, Anthony, are avid juicers. ​However, it was her role as a new mother to Luca and Alessandro that made her ​seek an even greater​ level of health and wellness. Personally, Olivia felt an enormous responsibility to provide only the highest nutritional foods for her new family.


A Cuban-American now living in the land of Meat N Three’s, she was plagued by the lack of organic and plant-based options in the South. She then set out to directly impact her community by creating a plant-based restaurant. Together with Table 301, she co-founded Southern Pressed Juicery so people of all walks of life could incorporate healthy eating into their everyday lifestyles.


Olivia and her team at Southern Pressed Juicery are making waves not only in the South but across the nation. Featured in Southern Living, Vogue, New York Observer among others, they are on track to change the course of history and bring organic and plant-based healing foods to the masses. Follow Olivia on instagram @oliviaesquivel_.

Partner, Southern Pressed Juicery

I was introduced to Southern Pressed Juicery several years ago as a customer, and from my first visit, I was hooked. The team's friendliness and willingness to answer all my questions left a lasting impression. My first juice cleanse left me feeling amazing, and I could see the impact on my body. Knowing the importance of what we put into our bodies, I recognized the quality of Southern Pressed Juicery's juice and superfoods.


Since that initial visit, I knew I wanted to be a part of Southern Pressed Juicery in some capacity. Partnering alongside Olivia Esquivel, a global juice bar consultant and owner of Southern Pressed Juicery, was a no-brainer. Southern Pressed Juicery has become a staple in the downtown Greenville scene, and I'm grateful to Olivia and the team for welcoming me.


I'm excited about our future together, as our goal is to share Southern Pressed Juicery with as many people as possible by engaging with the community and expanding our customer offerings.


Southern Pressed Juicery is a raw juice bar featuring cold-pressed juices, superfood smoothies, açaí energy bowls & plant-based foods headquartered in Greenville, SC..


The Southern Pressed Juicery was founded as a collaboration between Olivia Esquivel and Carl Sobocinski and of Table 301 Restaurant Group. 


Southern Pressed Juicery recently expanded the company's product offerings with the launch of the Wildcrafted line of adaptogens, both in store and online.