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When we forget how to be good to ourselves, we forget what it means to feel really good.

Gone are the days when southern living was synonymous with strolling through life at a slightly slower pace. These days, we are all pressed for time. We’re pressed to perform, pressed to succeed, pressing ourselves to do a whole lot more with a lot less time. When we’re feeling the pressure, it’s tempting to look for shortcuts. Often, in taking those shortcuts, we short ourselves by compromising our health, happiness and wellbeing. But not all shortcuts are bad. At Southern Pressed Juicery, we give your body a break without breaking your stride. Our goal is to give you a slow down without actually slowing you down.

Our People

Olivia Esquivel

Founding Partner,
Southern Pressed Juicery

Olivia Esquivel is co-owner of Southern Pressed Juicery. Olivia sparked life into her vision of a cold-pressed juice bar when she teamed up with Table 301. She and her husband, Anthony, are avid juicers and have always strived to live a healthy lifestyle but it was her role as a new mother that led her to co-founding Southern Pressed Juicery.

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Personally, Olivia felt a surge of responsibility to provide only the highest nutritional foods for her new family. She then set out to have a direct impact on her community and city by creating a hip place where people of all walks of life could incorporate healthy eating into their everyday lifestyles.

Though this is Esquivel’s first venture into the restaurant industry, she owns a myriad of companies including A Public Affair PR, a public relations and event planning company based out of Greenville and Miami.  Olivia is also co-owner of The Petite Parade, a children’s store based in Greenville. She is wife to Anthony Esquivel, owner of Copa Indoor Soccer (the only premier indoor soccer facility in the region) and Mommy to Luca and Alessandro, the cutest juicers in all the land. Try their favorite juices,  Luca Lovin’ and Leo’s Leche.

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Hank Reinhold

Executive Chef,
Southern Pressed Juicery

Born in Harrisburg, PA, Hank lived on a farm before moving to New Jersey where he grew up.  He earned his Eagle Scout badge from the Boy Scouts of America which helped him develop his interpersonal skills and desire to explore.  He had his initial taste of the restaurant business working as a dishwasher at a local country club.

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He had his initial taste of the restaurant business working as a dishwasher at a local country club.  passion for learning and taking pride in one’s work.  By the time he was 16 years old, he was on the line cooking breakfast for the early morning golfers.

He attended college in Vermont and received an Associate’s degree in Liberal Arts before moving to Austin, TX, and accepting a job with Master Chef James Corwell, who taught him the fundamentals of cooking.  A move to Dallas, TX, landed him at Le Cordon Bleu where he earned a degree in Culinary Arts. Accepting a job at a local fish market, Hank learned the nuances of working with seafood and running a kitchen. He earned his first positions as a Sous Chef and Executive Chef.

A move to Greenville, SC, brought him to Table 301 two years ago where he started out as a line cook for The Lazy Goat.  He expanded his knowledge about culinary technique from the talented chefs there and eventually moved over to Passerelle Bistro as a Sous Chef.

Hank saw enormous personal and professional potential in his position at Passerelle. From helping the future owners of the restaurant transform the place into their own vision, to teaching new associates how to cook better and sharing knowledge with his peers.

In Spring 2020, Hank was presented with the opportunity to take the role of Chef de Cuisine at Southern Pressed Juicery, Table 301’s plant-based juice bar and restaurant. At Southern Pressed Juicery, Hank is able put his culinary skills to use adding to the cold-pressed juice, smoothie and energy bowl offerings, while also creating innovative and healthy cuisine to expand the food menu options.

As a proud partner in the health and well-being of our friends and neighbors, Table 301 combines high-quality fresh ingredients with excellence in service, redefining the phrase “southern hospitality.” Driven by a passion to raise the bar on culinary opportunities and adventures within the community, we’re honored to have helped put Greenville on the map as one of the top food destinations in the south. We believe that when you eat well, you live well.

The Table 301 experience is more than a meal. It’s an invitation to sit down and slow down. It’s an opportunity to reconnect with what matters. It’s a challenge to become your best self and live your best life — one sip at a time.

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