Cleanse Progams

Reboot Your System With a Juice Cleanse

Southern Pressed Juicery offers 1, 3 and 5-day cleanses. Each cleanse program includes 6 juices a day.

Kick Start Cleanse

Perfect for those that are new to cleansing. The ideal blend of green juices along with roots & fruits to keep you satisfied all day long. This cleanse ends with our famously delicious almond mylk which is packed with protein, sure to keep you satisfied through the night. Great choice for first time cleansers, athletes or individuals with higher caloric needs or those that are concerned with hunger.

Juices: The Big Green, Latin Lover, Bee Well, Hippie Lettuce, Root Shine, Luca Lovin’

Signature Detox Cleanse

Our most popular cleanse option that is a great detox and most representative of our juice options at Southern Pressed Juicery. This cleanse is a good fit for those who want to balance great tasting, easy to drink juices with high efficacy. This option is for those who have been maintaining a healthy lifestyle. When in doubt of which cleanse is right for you, go with the Signature Detox Cleanse.

Juices: The Big Green, Lord Have Mercy, Black Magic, Moon Shinin’, Hippie Lettuce, Luca Lovin’

Reset and Rejuvenate Cleanse

Live well, Live clean, Live green. This cleanse offers a surge of nutrients and is great for those who love green juices and want to cleanse while also maintaining a moderate to higher level of physical activity.

Juices: The Big Green, Black Magic, Hippie Lettuce, Black Magic, I Do Declare, Muy Fuerte

Advanced Healing Cleanse

Our most intense and impactful cleanse. Ideal for experienced cleansers looking for maximum results in the shortest possible time. This cleanse is ideal when paired with a slower-paced lifestyle such as a time of reflection or meditation.

Juices: Lord Have Mercy (2), Moon Shinin’, I Do Declare, Hippie Lettuce, Black Magic

Whole Balance Cleanse

Experience a whole balance cleanse. This option offers a taste of Southern Pressed Juicery for those who want to drink and eat while cleansing your body. It includes a selection of four juices, a raw yogurt and a choice of a raw plant-based food item.

Juices and Food Options: 4 juices (The Big Green, Lord Have Mercy, Hippie Lettuce, Moon Shinin’), 1 probiotic yogurt and 1 food item of your choice per day.

Immunity Cleanse

Our newest cleanse includes six juices packed with Vitamin C to help boost your immune system. We recommend eating a healthy whole-foods diet while doing this cleanse to keep energy levels elevated.

Juices: Down the Hatch, Good Sense, Hot Mess, Bless Your Heart (Aloe Water), Lord Have Mercy, Latin Lover


6-pack of waters for only $25! We recommend adding these waters to supplement your cleanse each day. They will raise your alkaline levels and help with digestion!

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