Why Juice?

A juice cleanse (or juicing) is the right way to kick start getting your body and mind into a more healthy and balanced state. In the absence of fiber and complex foods, your body has an enhanced ability to absorb the high dose of positive nutritional content found in vegetable and fruit juices.

The term “juicing” refers to raw (unpasteurized), cold-pressed juice made from the freshest fruits and vegetables.

Why Raw?

“Raw” simply means uncooked, unpasteurized and organic – generally relating to fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. When eating these things raw, your food maintains its enzymes, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, protein, essential fats and fiber – these are all lost when cooked.

Including raw foods in your diet can offer you many benefits that increase your quality of life, including weight loss, more energy, clear skin, improved digestion and improved overall health.

Why Cleanse?

Cleansing (or juicing) gives your digestive system a break from the often processed and complex foods that modern life exposes us to. The restricted diet is a good way to reduce overeating tendencies that modern portion sizes can encourage. Cleansing can break bad eating habits and gives you a platform for ongoing awareness of what you are choosing to eat.

What cleanse options do you offer?

We offer 1, 3 and 5 day cleanse options. Each day of each cleanse program includes six different juices. The prices are as follows: 1-day $55   3-day $155   5-day $255.

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Do you offer delivery?

Free local deliveries now available!  There is a $55 minimum order per delivery.  We deliver within 10 miles of the zip code “29601” in Greenville, SC.  Use the zip code calculator tool to ensure you’re in our range. Our current delivery days are Mondays and Fridays typically in the morning hours. If you will not be home during delivery hours, please leave a cooler of ice at your door. Note: 24 hour notice is required before delivery date. To set up your free delivery please email your order to: deliveries@southernpressedjuicery.com

How is SPJ juice different from the juice available at grocery stores?

Any distributed juices are required by the FDA to be pasteurized for maximum shelf life.  Pasteurization involves heating the juice and then cooling it during the manufacturing process to kill microbial bacteria.  Another pasteurization process has evolved using pressure instead of heat.  This is called HPP, or High Pressure Pasteurization or Pascalization (same result, different road).  Unfortunately, pasteurization also kills vitamins, minerals and living enzymes that are essential in the digestion process and our overall vibrancy.  SPJ juices are pure; we don’t further process or pasteurize and we never add anything- no concentrates, no refined sugar, no preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors.

Isn't the juice I make at home the same as SPJ juice?

Juice made at home on a traditional centrifugal or rotary juicer is already exposed to heat and oxidation before it enters your glass, beginning to break down the vital elements that you want to extract.  Because of this, juice made on these machines has to be consumed immediately.  SPJ uses a X-1 Cold Press Machine.  These machines are able to extract much higher concentrations of vitamins and minerals. 9 tons of pressure extract all the nourishing elements from the ingredients, rupturing the cell walls and liberating an abundance of nutrients, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and chlorophyll.  The cold pressed method of extraction produces a much more nutritious juice that is able to stay fresh and vital for a few days with proper storage- and it tastes better too!

What about the juice from other juice bars?

Most juice bars use a centrifugal juicer, which speeds oxidation due to heat and oxygen generated in the extraction process.  This kills vital nutrients, enzymes, etc.  SPJ juices are always cold pressed daily with the highest quality standards to preserve all the wonderful things that make our juices the best – literally. Come taste the difference of juice with integrity.

What are the benefits of the green juices vs. the fruit juices?

The main benefit of green juice is its alkalizing effect. Fruit juices are more astringent; essentially the fruit “digs it up” and the green “moves it out”. Think of how your eyes start to water and maybe your nose runs a little when you bite into a lemon – citrus is a wonderful natural expectorant.

Why does cold-pressed juice cost more than regular juice?

Over 5 pounds of fresh produce goes into every 16 oz. bottle of juice we craft. Think of our juice less as a beverage and more as super-premium liquid food — a lot of it.

We offer only the freshest ingredients. We use a cold pressed machine to squeeze raw fruits and vegetables. Our process is simple, yet labor intensive. We don’t pasteurize, pressure process (HPP), or otherwise compromise the integrity of our juice in any way.

What is the shelf life of Southern Pressed Juicery’s juices?

Your juice will remain fresh and nutritionally dense for a full 5 days after the day on which it was pressed. You’ll know exactly when your juice was pressed because we write it on the front of the bottle. You can’t miss it.

Do I have to refrigerate my juice?

Yes.  Our juices are raw and not processed in any way. Each juice contains live enzymes and is highly perishable. Juice and nut mylks should be stored at 40º F or below at all times for your safety.

Is it okay if my juice is separated?

That’s absolutely okay — beautiful even — as visual proof that everything we make is always all natural. We never filter, preserve, heat, pressurize, or add fillers. Separation is natural and — as long as the juice is less than 5 days old and has been refrigerated properly — does not indicate spoilage of any kind. Always refrigerate your juice, shake before consuming, and enjoy by expiration date on top of the bottle.

Is Southern Pressed Juicery all organic?

We strive to use organic ingredients whenever possible. On some occasions we will substitute with ingredients from small farms that do not use commercial fertilizers or pesticides, but do not have organic certification.  We use only the freshest ingredients and hand scrutinize every piece of produce for quality.

My juice tastes a little different than last time, what's going on?

Our juice is never pasteurized (not even HPP) nor is anything ever added to it.  That being said, there are always small variances in flavor between batches of fresh organic produce that is then extended to our juices.  Each juice you consume is authentically fresh, not mass produced and then flavored to taste identical to the last batch.

Can't I just eat the fruit and veggies?

Certainly, though the cold pressed process maximizes their potential and makes all the nutritious vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, natural antibiotics and enzymes readily available for your body to thrive from.  Our digestive system takes much longer to completely digest and process whole fruits and vegetables; juice is able to deliver nutrients much quicker and more efficiently, letting your digestive system take a load off.

When I'm not cleansing, how often should I drink juice?

Before and after cleansing, we recommend drinking 1-3 juices per day. After that, at least 1 juice a day is a great way to incorporate healthy, raw fruits and vegetables into your daily routine. You’ll feel the difference!

Do I need to do a 3-day cleanse to feel better?

Definitely not. Giving your body a break, whether it’s for 1-day or 10-days is a great way to “recharge the batteries,” so to speak. On a 1-day cleanse, your body will still have ample time to take a break from digesting solid foods, diverting enzymes directly to your bloodstream and intestines.

Will a one-day cleanse do anything?

YES! How would you react if you never had a day off? The benefits of a one-day cleanse, once a week are astronomical! This cleanse method has been an Eastern practice for centuries, used as a quick strategy to strengthen the immune system, sharpen mental clarity, and allow the body to “catch up.” Like yourself, your body needs a rest. After only one day of stopping solid food intake, enzymes stop visiting your stomach and instead travel into the bloodstream and intestines, where they get busy attacking all sorts of old waste matter, damaged cells, and pollutants.

How often should I do a cleanse?

A good rule of thumb is whenever you experience any of the following: fatigue/general lack of energy, sleeplessness, anxiety/depression, digestive problems, at the first sign of a cold and of course, before and after holidays or any special events that lead to overindulging. We recommend doing a cleanse once a month for at least three days. This allows your body the proper rest and recovery time it needs to maintain optimum health. Make it a healthy habit – the immune system loves a consistent schedule.

Can drinking juice help cure my body of certain ailments?

There are countless studies that support the healing properties of juice.  One of the more well known methods is the Gerson therapy.

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